Gwen Vogelzang

Who Am I?

I’m an adoptive mama to two “meant for me” kiddos and wife to one handsome CFO Dutchman. Our son thrives and struggles with Autism and Tourette Syndrome, and we strive to guide him through his giftings and challenges. Our daughter is vibrant and a tender heart who understands and works through just what a broken and beautiful reality she has been given through her adoption.  She’s also navigating Dyslexia and gaining strength through that special ability.

After battling infertility for years, my husband and I felt called to adopt. We knew none of the things one should know when starting the adoption journey. Thirteen years later, we’ve grown in our depth of understanding about adoption and the children we’re loving and leading.  

I worked in the Marketing/PR world for 12 years and in 2014, felt called to take a giant leap of faith to begin the writing life, a career that would allow me to help manage our intricate family.  I quit my non-profit marketing job and spent the next 5 years writing, started an interior design business, published a book with my son about his incredible brain and launched an Airstream gathering space business.  In the midst of that, I’ve consulted with many businesses on marketing strategies, space design and vision casting.  I don’t sit still well.


I’m an introverted-extrovert  (they call us Ambiverts) who searches for opportunities to connect humans to humans.  For my Enneagram tribe, I’m a solid 2 with an even more solid 1 wing.  I’m an amateur interior designer and feel immensely passionate about intentionally creating and designing space for people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

What else?   I sing and build communities and gather people at tables.  I inhale guacamole and wine and avoid all the delicious dairy.  I’m addicted to books and podcasts. Anxiety lives in me and meds and therapy are close friends through that struggle.

I tell the truth, most days with good intention, and don’t beat around bushes.  And sarcasm escapes from my Dutch mouth more often than it should.  Just ask my son who doesn’t understand a lick of it.  

That’s me, abbreviated.  I’d love nothing more than to throw ideas against the wall with you and see which ones stick.  It’s really that simple.  

Vogelzang family | Adoptive Special Needs Parenting

I use this website to throw my own ideas against walls, so feel free to follow the blog.  I promise to offer imperfection, honest streams of consciousness and uncomfortable topics for discussion.  I know no other way.