Gwen Vogelzang

Who Am I?

I’m an adoptive mama to two amazing kiddos and wife to one handsome Dutchman. Our son thrives and struggles with Autism and Tourette Syndrome, and we strive to guide him through his giftings and challenges. Our daughter is vibrant and a tender heart who understands and works through just what a broken and beautiful reality she has been given through her adoption. 

I happily navigated the professional Marketing/PR world for 12 years and in 2014, I felt called to take a giant leap of faith.  I quit my non-profit marketing job, despite my lack of clear vision as to why.

After battling infertility for years, we decided to follow God’s lead toward domestic adoption. We knew none of the things one should know when starting the adoption journey. Ten challenging years later, we’ve grown in our depth of understanding about adoption and the children we’re loving and leading.  

Turns out, I needed a couple years to retreat from professional work in order to focus on my family.  God gifted me with the ability to be present through the ebbs and the flows of that journey and granted me sacred space to write my way through it all.  

Now that our little people are in full time school, I’m carving out a new career path.  This path isn’t one I could have predicted even two years ago, but it’s crystal clear this God’s mysterious will trumps my assumptions.  His will overrides what I think makes sense.  And He ultimately wants me to serve others with the insight and knowledge I’ve gained through our ebbs and flows. Through my voice and passion for parenting special needs children and children who join families through adoption, others who relate can find community and those who don’t relate can better understand.    

More About Me 

I’m a believer in Jesus and GRACE. So much grace.  I’m an introverted-extrovert  who searches for opportunities to connect humans to humans. For a hot second I was convinced I’m an 8 on the Enneagram, but have slowly come around to and owned my 2’ness.  I’m an ameteur interior designer and a lover of finding peace and joy through meaningful beauty.  

I’ve battled endometriosis and put her to bed with a complete hysterectomy.  I sing and build communities and gather people at tables.  I inhale guacamole and wine and avoid all the delicious dairy.  I’m addicted to books and podcasts. Anxiety lives in me and meds and therapy are close friends through that struggle.

I tell the truth, most days with good intention, and don’t beat around bushes.  And sarcasm escapes from my Dutch mouth more often than it should.  Just ask my son who doesn’t understand a lick of it.

Vogelzang family | Adoptive Special Needs Parenting

Follow alongside me as I navigate this world of adoption and special needs parenting through words, resources, video, book publishing and community.  My mountain top goal is to remind you of your value as the person you were created to be.  Not as a parent to your children, not as an advocate, not as a spouse or friend.  As YOU.  Remember her/him?  It’s far too easy to lose ourselves in this all consuming role. 

We deserve time and space of our very own.  Your company is welcomed.