If you’re just popping in here, welcome.  If you’d like to dig deeper into this community of special needs and adoptive parents and the community supporting them, I encourage you to connect with me, Gwen Vogelzang, through our newsletter and community.  Scout’s honor to NOT give out your information to anyone, anytime, anywhere.  And I’m not about bombarding your inbox with information you’ll send to the virtual trash can.  Our virtual trash cans are overflowing with noise.

Reach out.  Go ahead.  I love it all.  Well, most of it.


It’ll tickle me hot pink to add you to this community.  And men, this is not a girly place to inhabit.  You’ll feel right at home too.  We’ll learn, we’ll chat, we’ll laugh, and most importantly, we’ll breathe.  Because really, breathing is super important.  

Searching for Beauty in the Circus

My husband and I recently returned home from a gift of 5 days in the Bahamas, sans little people.  It was like one giant, gut deep breath.  While we were there I read two books, front to back.  Not just the front and the back as one friend joked.  I read ALL the words...

Beautiful Squeaks

My son woke up at 2:00am last night to get water.  His throat was scratchy and frog like.  I helped him seal the lid and back to bed he went.  30 minutes later he came running into our bedroom, frantic.  He was crying  - more like sobbing.  I couldn't make out exactly...