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Redemption all Around

It snowed 5 inches in Denver last night.  Came out of nowhere, which is how Colorado prefers to do things.  As I pulled into the garage after school drop offs, I was overwhelmed with the need to take my teddy bear dog on a wintery romp.  It was 8:30am, the sky was...

Finality of a Diagnosis

Ry and I sat in yet another bright and cheery medical office at Children's Hospital this morning.  This particular room was purple and blue.  While we've been confident over the past 3-4 years of Autism being an appropriate diagnosis, we haven't gone through the...

Muddy Shoes

I had to purchase 4 pairs of shoes for our darling son this month.  FOUR.  You see, he has recently discovered a magic fairy tale land down by our river, just steps from our house.  His commentary on this special place of retreat? "So Mom.  To get to our secret land...