Meet Miss Magpie.  Isn’t she dreamy? This mobile gathering space will remind visitors that relationships with our very own selves set the tone for every relationship we have.  This space will exist because we deserve a place where we can exhale, create, and be understood. Where we can encourage each other, grow and find retreat.  And because Airstreams are super rad and shiny.

I’m a creator of space and connection.  It’s what fuels me most.  Whether it’s my dining room table, a client’s renovated living room, a blog post, or a small group, I’ve always thrived in my role of organizing and bringing people together.  When my friend and I started our Interior Design business, we both dreamed of a physical space, layered in welcoming white.  We envisioned it so clearly, but didn’t have an inspired direction as to how it would be utilized.  Two years later, that vision is illuminated and I’m giddy with anticipation for where God is leading. Miss Magpie will serve as a beautiful, inviting place of retreat, specifically for special needs parents and adoptive/foster parents. This space will encourage creativity and connection.  It will provide opportunities for education and growth as it relates to our journeys and how we relate to ourselves.  The retro door will open for parents needing to be reminded that they are valued and created for a purpose outside of their role of parent.  Because it’s so easy to forget.  The space will remind visitors that relationships we nurture with ourselves set the tone for every relationship we have.  It will exist because we deserve a place where we feel free.  Where we can exhale, create and be understood.  Where we can encourage each other and grow.  Magpie needs some TLC before we launch her into the universe.  She’s resting for the winter, but stay tuned friends.  

Outside of this mission, this space will serve as an event space for corporations of all sizes, non-profits, small weddings, celebrations…for anyone searching for a super special, mobile space that can be customized and designed with their event goals in mind.   It’s difficult to find special places designed with intentionality of connection and warmth. This space will aim to do all of those things.  
I would greatly appreciate input from YOU as to what you would like to see in a space like this.  What would speak to your needs and desires for a place of retreat?  What would bring you through our doors?  And what would keep you coming back?  Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey linked below.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!