When we discovered our son had sensory processing difficulties, we (I) went berserk trying and buying ALL the sensory tools known to woman.   It’s a lot of tools friends.  And money.  How many were a slam dunk?  Maybe 3.  We went through 4 chew necklaces (they call it chewelry these days) before finding one that couldn’t be used as a whistle or one that was so large it caused him to look like he was eating a golf ball while talking.  Many of the calming mechanisms were more of a distraction than a help.  And the vest?  It just wasn’t good for his social image if I’m being honest.  Give a kid with sensory issues a break and create a puffy North Face looking style.  One other option we’ve held on to is a weighted lap pad that he puts on when he’s forced to be seated at school or meals.  Adding weight to his skinny frame is his jam and we see the benefit.

With this in mind, we’ve tried to purchase full size weighted blankets in hopes they will help him fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.  And as a tool for when we need him to chill the heck out and give us a minute.  The blankets are meant to act as a big ole’ hug when done right.  Why?  Our nervous systems calm down under weight, creating a feeling of deep relaxation.  We decided to try THIS one and immediately concluded that it presented itself as a floppy piece of plywood.  Not soft, cozy or body forming in the least, which defeated all the purposes we had for it.  And then we had to ship the thing back.  Willing to give this one more shot we welcomed THIS blanket into our home.

The online product description reads, “The Creature Comforts weighted blanket is the most comfortable weighted blanket available for the price. The super soft cuddle fabric and evenly distributed weight provide calming sensory input to the out of sync child with autism, ADHD or SPD. ” 

TRUE story!!!  On all accounts.  Hip Hip!  This heavy (because we ordered the large 12 lb option) but super soft and cuddly friend has become a hot potato over here.  Between our son with sensory sensitivities, to our daughter without, to my restless legs, to our tutor who craves the feeling of sitting in a dentist x-ray chair, it doesn’t live in one place.  It travels nightly so as to be fair.  It’s a win-win-win I’m happy to report.  In addition to the immediate liking to the blanket, The Autism Community Store, local to us here in Denver, makes this product with a washable cover, weighted with safe, organic material, and evenly distributes the weight in the textured and soft cover that holds it.  We chose between 3 sizes of blankets and they also make lap pads, and animal themed products as well.  We’re working on maturity, so we opted for the very mature and handsome gray option.

Now that we’ve permanently adopted this blanket into our family I’ve discovered additional details that make me smile an even bigger smile.  It’s sewn by hand and not in a factory.  And likely by someone who has a family member with Autism or sensory processing disorder.  Linda made mine.  I know this because she signed her sweet name inside the cover.  For the love of all things handmade and worth buying, THIS one takes the cake.

Don’t waste hours researching all your weighted blanket needs.  This choosy Mom had done the work for you and this is the solution I’m confident you’ll be tickled pink with.  If not, they’re good people over there at the Autism Community Store and they’ll make it right.  Signing off from under my 12 pound weighted blanket,


Who else loves the blanket?  Our baby chicks.  They sure do.  And now your subliminal brain will have even more reason to convince yourself that you need this product. This blanket was given to our family in return for an honest review.  And honest it was.