November is  National Adoption Awareness Month.  For our family, that doesn’t mean we run around telling everyone in earshot to adopt.  I will never look someone in the eyeballs and tell them to adopt.  I won’t.  Because adoption isn’t a calling for all the people everywhere.  It’s a calling for a whole lot of us, but that’s between us and God or us and our deepest selves.  We’ve been asked to many dinners and had phone calls with countless friends of uncles of co-workers who are interested in learning more about the adoption world.  It’s been our pleasure to speak into peoples’ lives through our experience.  A blessing really.

Some of these interactions end with adoptions and some don’t.  Both outcomes areordained.  Our role in those interactions is purely one of storytelling and truth sharing as it pertains to our journey and our insights through the process. We don’t put a cherry on top and we also don’t instill ungrounded fear.  We highlight brokenness and redemption.  We speak of trauma and grace.  We encourage stillness and prayer and finding loving community in the midst of all that.   All of this to say, I will never tell you to adopt.header_20121106

I do, however, feel confident in telling people that it’s our job to care for orphans.  It’s our job to play a role in redeeming brokenness for littles around this planet.  It’s a command in the holy book.  Not a request.  

What does that look like if we’re not all called to adopt or foster?  Safe Families friends.  This organization has catapulted itself into my life.  I’m jazzed ya’ll.  Jazzed for people who don’t think they can contribute to this issue of redeeming families.  Jazzed for the kids who will find a place to rest their head and heart.  Jazzed for the parents who will be loved on, served, mentored and changed in God ordained ways.  And jazzed for churches who will watch these changes take place in their own backyards.

Safe Families exists around the world and recently launched here in Denver.  Their mission is to give hope and support to families in distress.  They’re motivated by a passion to keep children safe and out of foster care.  Families everywhere experience situations that lead them to call on people to help care for their children.  Not all of these situations call for the foster care system to get involved, but so often it’s the only choice the families have.  They don’t have friends and family who can help.  They don’t have role models to turn to and safe places to reach out to.  Safe Families answers those calls by placing kiddos in homes of volunteers who are willing to be that safe place.  They train mentors to work with the parents and aid them in moving forward and the church community rallies around the entire process with meals, babysitting, supplies, prayer and whatever else is called for.  These families go from having no one to being surrounded with a blanket of love and support.

Amazing.  THIS is caring for the orphans and loving on the poor in spirit.  THIS is forming community where we might not experience community otherwise.  It’s a piece of heaven really.  And it’s tangible for us as a Christian network.  Check these guys out.  Watch their video testimonials.  They’re likely in your hood too.  And if you’re in Denver, you can latch on to the program we’re launching at Platt Park Church.

Soap box, out.  Happy week before Thanksgiving.