2 weeks ago, on a Friday morning, I got an email from Squirt’s birth mom (we’ll call her Katie) that she was in town and would love to see us.  Tim was out of town and Dude was on his way out the door for school. Being that I’m the queen of planning and organizing my life, this threw me through a loop.  Well, a few loops. Dude might have gone to school without lunch.

I got in touch with Katie and we made plans to meet at a Denver park at 3:00pm.  She was in town visiting a friend at a Denver hospital and would head home that night.  I called on a girlfriend, who was off that day, to hold my hand.  Literally.  And thank goodness she was available to do so. These visits are quite emotional for this Mama.  Tim’s able to roll, but rolling isn’t in my DNA.  I held my diva princess close all day and just stared at her.  It was a reminder of just how blessed we are to call her ours. And what an amazing woman her birth mom is for making the decision she did.  It all starts flowing back.

After 45 minutes of trying to find each other in a torrential down pour, we ended up at a libray. My hand holder and I picked Dude up from school so he could see Katie too. We haven’t had a face to face with his birth mom, so it’s helpful for him to be a part of these visits.  Squirt was more than charming during our visit and Katie smiled all the way through, just watching her.  Katie is quiet by nature.  She doesn’t quite know what to do with kids, but you can tell by watching her that she knows what a vital role she played in forming the life and future of our baby girl.  She still wears the “R” necklace we gave her.  I adore the fact that we share something that’s worn close to our hearts.  We both love our little punky girl in our own ways. In only ways that a mother could.

We hope these annual visits continue to happen.  For Squirt’s sake and for Katie.