I’m an idea girl.  If time, finances, and bandwidth weren’t obstacles, I’d operate an unreasonable number of businesses.  Stepping outside boxes, developing innovative concepts and re-imagining business models in need of new life drive me.  Creative ideas swirl through my head all the day long.  

My background is 15 years of marketing and public relations, operating 3 unique businesses, and consulting on many others. Rather than personally launching the laundry list of business concepts documented in my “Idea Journal” and continuing to raise my husband’s blood pressure, I’m focusing my energy on what I call “Idea Consulting.”    

What is “Idea Consulting?”

It’s simple really. 

  • You’re in a rut and need fresh perspective?  Idea Consulting. 
  • Your business model is struggling and a new direction is inevitable?  Idea consulting. 
  • You have a brilliant business concept you’re not sure what to do with?  Idea consulting.
  • Your staff isn’t seeing eye to eye and you’re having difficulty bringing them together?  Idea consulting. 
  • You’re dedicated to making a difference using your passions but not sure how to best go about it?  Idea consulting. 
  • Your marketing strategies are falling flat, but you can’t afford to hire a dedicated team?  Idea consulting. 
  • You need someone to facilitate a company brainstorming session?  Idea consulting.
  • You’re organizing a gathering and need ideas on how to make it meaningful?  Idea consulting.
  • Your child is struggling at school and you’re fresh out of ideas for helping him?  Idea consulting. 
  • Your home is feeling out of order and leaves you feeling uninspired and chaotic?  Idea consuslting.
  • You’re dreaming of the perfect marriage proposal but not sure how to make it happen?  Idea consulting.

Get the gist?   Idea consulting isn’t limited to a certain arena.  You need ideas, I’m your girl.      

How Does It Work?

Call me.  We’ll chat through your project and decide if it’s a good fit.  If it is, I’ll show up (most likely over Zoom until the pandemic is behind us – it WILL be some day) and start with a whiteboard session.  I own a larger than life dry erase board and every color marker under the sun.  We’ll fill every inch of that board, I’ll summarize those beautiful ideas in an aesthetically pleasing presentation and we’ll take it from there.  We can do one, two or 22 white board sessions until the the lightbulbs align.  We might need 3 hours together or 33.  That’s your call.    

Once we discover ideas you’re excited to run with I can help you through the running or leave you to it.  I work with a plethora of brilliant minds and I’m a huge advocate for collaboration, so chances are I’ll refer you to like minded businesses you can work with.  

How Much Does Idea Consulting Cost?

That all depends on what your project looks like.  We’ll build a package based on your needs and budget.  I start with a $300 minimum and we’ll take it from there.  

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