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It’ll tickle me hot pink to add you to this community.  And men, this is not a girly place to inhabit.  You’ll feel right at home too.  We’ll learn, we’ll chat, we’ll laugh, and most importantly, we’ll breathe.  Because really, breathing is super important.  

Ask. Listen. Repeat.

Last night, as I ate dinner, prepared by an invisible human at a lovely establishment I didn't have to clean up, a friend asked me a question. "What's the hardest part of your parenting journey?" I paused. First and foremost, I needed a sip of my smoky martini, mixed...

When Talking to us Infertiles

I know, "infertiles" isn't a sensitive term. You're right and you can definitely NOT refer to me as such. But I can use the term on myself. Now that we have that out of the way.... I've never been pregnant. The lines on the stick have never intersected with each...