This post, written by a birth mom, straight up grabbed my heart from my chest and vice gripped it.  We think we understand but we just don’t.  As close as we are to our birth moms, we can’t know.  Please read what beautiful Ashley has to say to all of us about her journey of placing her baby boy for adoption.

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Attention all parents with kiddos who have special needs.  This is a MUST latch on to podcast episode from Inspired to Action.  It’ll bring on elephant tears and cuddle you up in a plaid blanket all over the course of the hour.  Cheese to my non-dairy Mama soul.



I’ve highlighted Madam Jamie Ivey’s podcast in the past and this particular episode happens to be one of my very favorites.  Emily Freeman is a jewel friends.  She speaks gentle truth in her podcast, Hope Writers, and in her blog and book writing.  I have a folder in my Inbox just for her blog posts.  I save them for times when I crave inspiration and Jesus.